Searchable Yearbooks

The GPL Digital Yearbook Collection is searchable!  To search a particular yearbook for a specific name, please follow these instructions:
  1.   Download the yearbook to your computer.
  2.   Open the yearbook using your PDF reader program.
  3.   Using your PDF reader’s “FIND” or “SEARCH” tool, simply type in the name you need.
  4.   The tool will take you to the first entry of the name in the yearbook.
  5.   The tool will also indicate how many other entries of the name exist.  Simply hit “ENTER” to move from one to the next.

With your help, we’d also like to improve and fill in missing gaps in our collection.  The GPL Reference & Genealogy Department would greatly welcome your donation of any missing volumes.  If you do not want to donate a particular yearbook to GPL permanently but, instead, would like to loan it to the library for a few days so it can be scanned and returned to you, it would be very much appreciated.

If you have any questions about GPL’s yearbook collection, please call: (256) 549-4699 x2116.



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